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  • Are you feeling disconnected from your partner?

  • Are you craving more connection + intimacy?

Are you feeling disconnected from your partner?

Are you craving more connection + intimacy?

More marriages fail from neglect than of anything else! Make date night a priority!

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Make Date Nights A Priority

Are you looking for a fun, new date night idea?

Are children and/or work making date nights seem impossible?

Are you wanting to feel more connected to your partner?

Are you ready to start making date nights a priority?


Date night is insurance for your marriage

A divorce lawyer is way more expensive than a babysitter!

A strong marriage requires two people who chose to love each other even on those days they struggle to like each other


The Ignite Together experience has been foundational improving and increasing the intimacy in our relationship. I am much more confident about my ability to give a massage now, that someone will actually enjoy and benefit deeply from. No more "Monica massages" (Friends reference)! You will be happy to know that we have our own massage table, and look forward to sharing this experience very regularly with one another. You have a gift when it comes to helping people experience sacred, loving touch, Mia. It's a gift that comes very naturally to you. Every relationship needs to know about this transformational experience that you offer.

Sarah H.

The techniques we learned from the Ignite Together video have helped us become closer as a couple. It has allowed us to be more open and vulnerable with one another! Thank you!

Shannon A.

We liked the video a lot. It offered the opportunity and permission to slow down and enjoy each other.

Sean G
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What are you waiting for?

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